Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Half full for you?

I'm not sure who started all the bad news, but I am so not digging it. Gloom doom everywhere and not a glimmer, not a sparkle to give us hope. Not here dear readers. I've had it. I'm bustin out. Somebody's got to take this badness, this madness and give it a shake and remind people that things will get better.
As silly as it may sound...think a happy thought. Be a child, close your eyes, and make a wish. Think of the best outcome. Be simple. Be creative. Be nice to someone. Smile. Give thanks.
On Monday, I woke up with pressure on my right eye. Immediately I thought "brain tumor" (see my Woody Allen post earlier to understand). On my way to the doctor I decided I should be thankful because I have two eyes and I'd still be able to see with my left eye. was only an eye infection and drops will clear it up...but the point is...I could have been all wackadoodled out with losing an eye...but I turned it around. Turn it around, America. Turn it around.


vicki archer said...

Way to go and so glad you are not wackadoodled out, xv.

coco+kelley said...

oh, i have SO been feeling this way lately. i can't even turn on the TV anymore. i'm refusing to read the paper. i'm over the negativity and doom and gloom. turn it around is RIGHT!

jae said...

I was just having this conversation with a friend. So many tragic things happening everywhere. It has to start are right....turn it around. Great cartoon.

benson said...

I think we HAVE to be positive in times like these. We are strong and as tragic as some stories are-when life gives you lemons...ya gotta make it turn into the sweetest lemonade and be thankful(one day) for the lemons you had to make it.

Callie Grayson said...

Half full!
glad your eye is better!! I stopped watching TV years ago and it keeps the doom and gloom to a minimum that I am exposed too. It will get better, one smile at a time:)