Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bon Voyage

How many of us would like to say "see you later, rat race", pack our bags, and go explore lands unknown. It's something you dream about at least once in your life but most of us jump into the game of life and carry mortgages, kids, pets, jobs, etc...and don't get to take that opportunity.

Welcome Josh and Audrey (that would be my daughter and her husband) to the game of LIFE. They were living in Santa Barbara, CA (which ain't too shabby) with jobs, rented apartment, and were not quite sure where they wanted to go with their future. Solution? Take a break. Take a moment. Hit pause on "life" and really LIVE. They just traveled to New Zealand last weekend and are planning on staying for 6 months or so to explore, to grow, to live, and to dream about what they want to do next. Share their story here. They would love to hear about any "must-see" attractions if you've been. If you've ever dreamed about doing anything like this--live vicariously through them and then take your own great adventure!


erika - urban grace said...

hats off to josh & audrey. i will be vicariously living... can't wait to see where their journey takes them! brilliant, indeed. a slave to a mortgage and the rat race... i wish i could join them!

Joanna Goddard said...

so happy that your daughter loves the romper! it is so cute, and i'm sure she looks adorable. xo joanna

Amanda said...

Wow! And parents who don't think they are crazy either...what a deal! I will be excited to hear all about their adventures!