Monday, October 8, 2007

You shouldn't look...but you do

Here's the deal....I live in small town, USA but every now and then I make a trip to the city. The last two times I have traveled the two hour trek to my mecca of fashion and fads I have come across horrible traffic. And not just traffic because it's rush hour. This is nonsense traffic.

The kind of traffic that you're breezing right along, making great time when all of a sudden you're moving at a snail's pace. You look for construction...nothing. You're curious if there's a wild animal roaming the freeway. You wonder why everyone has decided to take a vow to travel 10 mph in a 65- 75 mile zone...what's the deal???!!

The deal is that someone 2-3 miles away has had a fender bender and everyone that drives by has to take a look and take a peek at the car, the drivers, the passengers, whatever...but feels the frickin need to validate this accident in their memory. As soon as you pass the accident--ZIP! Traffic is again moving at a reasonable speed. It's ridiculous!! Thirty minutes of perfectly good shopping time spent sitting in traffic, so Joe Schmoe can take a look at Whozit Whazzitname's car wreck. Be courteous people...not only to those that unfortunately have to deal with insurance companies in the next 24 hours but for those of us that only have a few hours to spend improving the nation's economy.

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